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Another RS485 daisy chain system on warm-up on our test bench at our Seven Hills facility and ready for pre-dispatch setup/calibration/configuration for an Australia Post warehouse.

Combination CO & NO2 sensors are being used. We can offer a CO+NO2 a 2-in-1 sensor. Each WSB2 transmitter board (Warning Sensor Board) is connected to one of each SC2 CO & SC2 NO2 sensor and housed in an IP65 “A-Housing”. These WSB2 board are then collectively connected to DGC06 (Digital Gas Controller) through RS485 daisy chain system. The DGC-06 Gas-Controller fulfils the functions of monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) according to the current EN 50545-1.

Each sensor location also has a local audible/visual alarm wired directly & powered off the sensor itself! No need to wire back to the central controller in the switchboard.

The WSB2 provides the power supply of the SC2(s) and prepares the measured data for digital communication. Communication with the DGC-06 controller takes place via the RS-485 fieldbus interface with DGC-06 protocol.

All the products i.e., WSB2, SC2 CO, SC2 NO2 and DGC06  belongs to MSR PolyGard®2 family and it uses RS485 DGC06 protocol to communicate among themselves.

How easy is this install & wiring!

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