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H2 (Hydrogen) Gas Leak Detector

Many times, reason of Fire is electrical short circuits in Battery Rooms.  Battery Rooms with Lead Acid Batteries are more prone to this due to presence of Hydrogen gas which is highly flammable.  Most of the consultants or expertise  recommend H2 (Hydrogen) Gas Leak Detectors in Battery Rooms to stop any loss of life or property  due to the H2 gas leakage by using H2 Gas Leak Detector.

We GasAlarm Australia  with our sister concern company  ALVI Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd – India (www.alviautomation.com) working in the field of Gas leak detection system, to control any hazardous  incident due to the leakage of Toxic or Combustible gases .

Our Hydrogen sensor transmitter is best  for online, continuous LEL or flammability detection in battery rooms, UPS rooms, cracking plants, hydrogenation plants, hydrogen gas bank etc. The detector is also available with explosion proof ATEX, IECEX certified with SIL 2 safety level and suitable for installation in  Indoor, Outdoor, Safe and hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Technical Specifications:


  • Measuring Parameters: Hydrogen gas flammability or leakage
  • Sensor Technology: Catalytic bead based pellistor sensor cell
  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 100 % LEL
  • Response time (t90): < 10 sec
  • Control unit: 12 bit microprocessor based
  • Warm up time: < 5 mins
  • Auto zero point tracking for drift compensation
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Ingress protection:  IP 54, IP 65, IP 66 & IP68
  • Enclosure: Stainless steel (for sensor cell), Cast Aluminium (for transmitter), polycarbonate material
  • Output: linear, proportional 4-20mA or 2-10Vdc
  • Mounting: wall, duct, pipeline
  • Safety integrity level: SIL 2
  • Optional: LCD Display, alarm LEDs, potential free relay contacts.


  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, refinery
  • Battery rooms, UPS facility
  • Mobile switching center (MSC) of cellular / telecom site
  • Cracking plants
  • Hydrogenation plants
  • Chemicals
  • Cold stores
  • Pharmaceuticals, medicinal formulation.


For Technical datasheet please click here : Datasheet 

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