April 21, 2020

CO sensor with relay

Our CO sensor with relay solution offers you two field adjustable volt free relays with normally open & normally closed contacts both. Each relay is rated at 250V at 5A. Powered by 24VAC/DC. The unit also offers an option to
Combo MC2

April 16, 2020

MODbus CO sensors

We have a full range of MODbus CO sensors which exceed AS1668.2-2012. As a matter of fact, we can also accommodate a second MODbus sensor head on the same transmitter, thus saving space & reducing labour/wiring on site. A second
Gas Detection System for Hospitals during Covid-19 Outbreak
At Gas Alarm Systems, we are committed in playing our part in providing reliable Gas Detection System for Hospitals during Covid-19 Outbreak.   The health systems worldwide are under tremendous pressure to alleviate the impact of Covid-19 outbreak. Hospitals are
Gas Detection in Cannabis processing facilities – Why is is important?   A number of hazards exist during the extraction, processing & manufacturing of cannabis. A lot of these gases are either toxic or combustible. Great care needs to be
sf6 insulators

December 5, 2019

SF6 infra-red gas sensors

Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is an inorganic, colourless, odourless, non-flammable, non-toxic and its mostly used as an excellent electrical insulator. Detecting SF6 is leaks is critical as its one of the most potent greenhouse gases in the world. SF6 is mostly
VRV in meeting room
A large number of projects are now going for VRV/VRF systems over traditional chilled/hot water systems. This now means refrigerant gas is travelling directly to the rooms. If the room is small and the condenser is large a significant dump
At Gas Alarm Systems, we develop pioneering technologies for commercial as well as industrial applications. We offer a wide range of detectors for monitoring various toxic, combustible and flammable gases. Gas Detectors are intended to protect workers and assets from
Recently we installed Oxygen detection system along with display panel at an Eternal Multi-specialty Hospital in Jaipur, India. There is no doubt – medical gas systems in hospitals are considered lifesaving. Medical gases have several patient care applications and is
Hydrogen Gas Detector – Technology is changing and so are we! A city in Germany unveils a new hydrogen filling station. Hydrogen is considered to be unavoidable for a successful energy transition – As  much as the new technologies and
μGard®2 Hydrogen Gas Transmitter MC2-X-P3440-X-X GasAlarm
Gas Alarm Systems can design, engineer, supply, service and maintain Refrigerant Leak Detector Transmitter  &  Control Alarm System to meet the safety standard guidelines of Refrigerants and Food Industries. We have Refrigerant Gas Detector in our product range which is highly accurate & fast
Polyxeta 2 – SIL 2 rated gas sensors with IECEx Certification   Hazardous and toxic gases are prevalent in process industries such as Oil & Gas, Refinery, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Depending upon the type of harmful gas that are potentially
We know that every cellar chamber is required by WHS to have CO2 alarms. Once installed, every cellar alarm needs service at regular intervals and ensure employee safety.   Various CO2 monitoring systems are available in the market. To make

July 16, 2019

IR Flame Detector

Wherever toxic or combustible gases are a part of an industrial process, there is always a risk of an accidental gas leaks which may lead to a fire or an explosion. Gas Alarm System has already proven itself for mitigating
AIRAH’s Western Sydney Trade Night is a must attend event for those working in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and building services industries. AIRAH Industry Nights bring together trades, innovations and engineering across Australia. It’s your access to the HVAC&R
Gas Alarm Systems can design, engineer, supply, service and maintain Refrigerant Leak Detection & Alarm System to meet the safety standard guidelines. Here, you will find attached the technical submission acknowledgement from GBCA (contributions from Gas Alarm Systems): Technical Submission