Gas Detection For Chiller Plant Rooms

We can offer various solutions for refrigerant leak detection from chillers to meet AS1677.2 or AS5149

Gas Detection For Laboratories/IVF Clinics

Laboratories are often using different toxic & combustible gases. Depending on the experiments conducted we can offer gas sensors for most of the gases. Our unique SIL1 approved daisy chain system ensures safety & reliability. Our unique DEM (Door Entrance Module) alerts you before you even enter your lab via a simple green or red backlight LCD if there is a leak within your lab. Our systems are used in all the major facilities around the country including most university labs, IVF clinics, hospital research facilities & government laboratories.

Gas Detection For Sewage Treatment Plants

We can offer a range of gas sensors for sewage treatment applications, including H2S, CO, CH4 & O2. A daisy chain system can also be offered with pre-calibrated sensors cartridges. For remote/regional sites just the sensor cartridge can be replaced without having a tech attend site. On the liquid analytics side of our business, we can also offer you a fixed or portable system to measure pH, Conductivity & Dissolved Oxygen.

Gas Detection For Fumigation

We have portable & fixed solutions for Phosphine, Methyl Bromide & Sulfuryl Fluoride

Gas Detection For VRV/VRF

We have fixed solutions for most refrigerants with infra-red sensors. In an indoor application where VRV/VRF is most common (meeting rooms, retirement homes, student accommodation, hotel rooms) it is critical that infra-red sensors are chosen due to false alarms caused by semi-conductor sensors.

Gas Detection For Defence

We have a wide range of gas sensors for fixed applications for various defense applications. From measuring Ozone in submarines, to CO in hangars, jetfuel (JP8 and others) in labs & fuel facilities, Oxygen in maintenance facilities. Including IECEx, SIL1 SIL2 approved sensors.

Gas Detection For Car Parks

We have CO & NO2 sensors in various configurations. Simple 4-20mA/2-10VDC output. Sensors with a control system for standalone operation. Daisy chain solution for upto 96x daisy chain sensors. An EN50545 certified SIL1 system for car park monitoring. Please contact us for any requirements.

Gas Detection For Beverage Production

We have SIL1 approved CO2 sensors to ensure safety & reliability in your brewery. We can also offer Ethanol sensors for distilleries & similar applications. We also have a revolutionary new CellarAlarm/CellarWarn system to meet AS5034 where the end user can carry out the service work. Great for regional pubs/RSLs while adhering to their WHS obligations & keeping their staff safe.

Gas Detection For Battery Rooms

We can offer various solutions for Hydrogen monitoring in lead acid battery rooms. We also offer Hydrogen Fluoride & Hydrogen Chloride monitoring for lithium ion battery rooms