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Ammonia Gas Detection in Refrigeration plants is used to identify the leakage and alerting the personnel to initiate corrective actions.


In an industry that is under increasing pressure to achieve high efficiency at minimum expenses, ammonia an ideal choice for use as a refrigerant for cold storage applications. Ammonia is available in abundance and is extremely efficient.


However, Ammonia is highly corrosive and toxic presenting serious health risks. Any accidental gas leak can create significant operational risk and can be potentially lethal to anyone who is exposed to it. Precautionary measures must be taken within such industries where dangerous concentrations of ammonia may develop.


Ammonia is also highly combustible. Gas leaks may cause dangerous explosions. Hence utmost care must be taken to keep the ammonia concentrations at safe level all the time.


Monitoring ammonia and installing ammonia gas detection in refrigeration plants can not only save lives but also saves from the risk of inventory loss as any leak in the ammonia refrigeration system can affect the entire batch or inventory.


Selecting a correct type of ammonia detection system depends on many factors such as environmental conditions, product functionality, ease of use and maintenance. When measuring ammonia, gas levels needs to be detected in PPM. The alarm needs to be set at appropriate PPM levels. If a leak develops, the alarm signal is sent to the controllers to take the necessary corrective action. Depending upon your requirement on how and where you would like the system to be used, we can offer you the suitable sensors and controllers.


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