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Livestock farmers will often encounter a toxic concentration of Ammonia gas, as livestock production is a major contributor of ammonia emission. Ammonia is being released by the excrement of living animals, like cattle, pigs, horses, poultry and other.


Ammonia gas- described as an irritant; is lighter than air and can predispose livestock to various respiratory diseases if they are exposed to a significant level for an extended period of time. At moderate levels of concentration, ammonia can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract; at high concentrations, it can cause ulceration to the eyes and severe irritation to the respiratory tract. Ammonia not only poses a threat to animals but is also dangerous for agricultural workers in livestock facilities.


Producers or farmers need to be aware of and informed about the dangers of being exposed to ammonia gas for long periods.


The most economical approach is to monitor the gas with Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes , in which the gas changes the colour of a reactant and gives a good estimate of its concentration. It can be used with a pump to draw a measured sample of gas through the tube and obtain the result within a few minutes.


The Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes offer a cost-effective means of measuring Ammonia with reasonable accuracy. At GasAlarm, we have we have a various range of UNIPHOS detector tubes to measure the Ammonia concentration in air. This could prevent you to work in an unhealthy and even hazardous environment, and also prevent health problems to your cattle and poultry.


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