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Our KwikDraw Gas detection Tubes and pumps allow detection of gases and vapours with the squeeze of a handle. We would like to unfold the benefits of choosing us for your gas detection needs.


One of the key features that is always significant for gas detection is the end-of-stroke indicator. When working in dimly lit environments, it’s hard to tell when and if the colour has changed. Our high visibility indicator transition from canary yellow to black  easily indicates when the stroke has been completed. The indicator is up to three times the size of what our competitors have -ensuring high visibility.


Another benefit is the precise compression of the bellows which ensures a consistent 100 ml sample volume and no partial strokes. The way the pump is designed is such that it is close to impossible to get an incomplete stroke.The integral easy-to-read stroke counter ensures consistent volume for several tests. It counts the exact number of strokes and provides a positive stop when the bellows is fully compressed.


It offers easy operation with a firm handle grip and a generous length wrist strap.


Our gas detection tubes are available for hundreds of different gases and vapours with various measurement ranges.


The greatest benefit that KWIKDRAW Gas detection tubes and pumps offer is they are compatible with MSA and Draeger pumps and tubes.


Please contact us today for any inquiry you may have on gas detection needs and we would be happy to assist you.