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At Gas Alarm Systems, we can supply the complete gas detection system along with calibration gas cylinders. we offer a broad spectrum of methods for the detection of gases. We develop individual gas sensors and systems for many applications where toxic or combustible gas concentrations can form and integrate. Gas detectors are intended to detect and control life-threatening gases at workplace. For the safety of the workers and assets, it is very important that these detectors provide precise and accurate gas measurements. The only way to ensure the detector’s accuracy is to test it with a known concentration – calibration gas.


What is a “Calibration Gas”?
A calibration gas is a mixture of gaseous components used as a comparative reference in the calibration of gas analyzers and gas detectors. Calibration gases enable to get the most accurate performance from your gas detector. They enable you to test the performance of your sensors when required and aids in bringing the performance of those sensors back to acceptable limits.


Any gas leakage in an industrial plant can have fatal consequences. We pride ourselves in maintaining a reputation for supplying gas detectors and calibration gas cylinders that stands together for quality, safety, and innovation. For calibration gases, we produce simple binary mixtures through to complex multiple component mixes including multi-hydrocarbons. Please e-mail us to find out the range of calibration gases we can offer.


The calibration gas provides a cost-effective solution for service technicians who need to calibrate sensors used for various applications. Calibration gas cylinders are normally held in stock. We can also supply the calibration gas cylinders with the complete kit along with all the needed accessories. Please contact us for any of your calibration gas needs.