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Why do you need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?  When Carbon Monoxide is encountered in concentrations greater than a certain level, it can cause loss of consciousness, seizures or even death. Carbon Monoxide gas is tasteless and colourless and hence it cannot be detected by vision or smell. Hence Carbon Monoxide monitoring is vital at places where there is a potential hazard of it to escape.


Carbon Monoxide is present in many industrial as well as commercial facilities such as power generation, defence, confined spaces, medical laboratories, mining and in commercial buildings such as underground garages, tunnels, engine test benches and repair shops, loading bays, etc. These are some of the typical areas where use of Carbon Monoxide Detector is crucial.


Our Carbon Monoxide Detector is widely used in management of ventilation in underground garages that complies with Australian Standard 1668.2. Our products ensure the safety of people and assets along with managing energy consumption. Whether there is a need to monitor Carbon Monoxide from vehicle exhaust or leaks in any industrial facilities, at Gas Alarm Systems we can offer you a complete solution from a stand-alone unit to a complete cost-effective system solution tailored to suit your application.


Levels of Carbon Monoxide in garages and in industrial facilities varies greatly as it depends on several associated factors. Based on the level of concentrations, sensors should be wisely picked. We can offer CO sensors with a wide measuring range from 0-100 ppm to 0-500ppm.


Our MC2 sensors offers high accuracy and reliability. It offers easy maintenance and calibration by simply exchanging the sensor or by comfortable on-site calibration. Please visit our page MC2 Senor for detailed information.


GAS-CO-150/GAS-CO-300 are our humble CO sensor with unrivalled price/performance ratio. These sensors are extremely compact, extremely simple and we are selling it with an extremely low margin! These sensors can also be purchased directly from our ALVI Online Shop


At Gas alarm Systems, we can offer custom solutions with various sensors and different control modules to suit any of your applications for monitoring carbon monoxide. Please call us on 0298387220 or email us at info@alvi.com.au