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Chlorine gas is used in many industrial applications including water disinfection for treating sewage and in swimming pools, bleaching of pulp in paper mills, in food & beverage industry for disinfecting utensils and is used in manufacturing many products like rubber and pharmaceuticals. As a disinfectant, chlorine gas is very effective , economical and easy to maintain.


However, chlorine gas has its dark side too. Chlorine is a toxic gas that is a potent irritant to the eyes, upper respiratory tract and lungs. Long term exposures to chlorine gas results in respiratory effects – including eye and throat irritation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for installations using or storing chlorine to have a chlorine gas detection in place to continuously monitor any chlorine leaks. Chlorine gas detection must be designed, installed and maintained to alert the personnel working on site of any chlorine leak.


Our ADT53 1193 is widely used for chlorine gas detection. Due to the standard analog signal and the RS-485 interface the chlorine transmitter is compatible to the GasAlarm’s PolyGard series MGC and DGC as well as to any other electronic control or automation system. It comes in a modular plug-in technology  with IP65 protection housing. It offers comfortable calibration and has very easy maintenance.


For further information on our ADT53 1193, please download our datasheet.