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Our unique CO2 controller for schools uses a MSR CO2 sensor for indoor air quality, a MSR controller & a temperature sensors. Using these we have developed a low cost packaged solution to the current government schools upgrade program.

We will provide the controller with a dedicated temperature sensor which can override the CO2 fan if its too hot in the room.

The “CO2 controller for Schools” package includes:

The controller will activate the first relay at 1600ppm (adjustable) only if the CO2 has been that high for a continuous period of twenty minutes (adjustable).

This relay will be connected to the OAF (outside air fan). If triggered the OAF can bring in fresh air with lower CO2, thus ensuring ideal CO2 so the student remain alert and don’t start yawning etc.

The second relay will activate if the temperature in the classroom is too high already (perhaps 26 degrees celcius), adjustable.

The second relay is designed to cut out the first relay so in the peak of summer we’re not bringing in more hot air into the class room when its already too hot even if the CO2 is high in the class room.

The standalone controller is also optioned with a RS485 MODbus output which can be used for remote monitoring of the entire system if there is a BMS on site.