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Cryotherapy is gaining popularity amongst athletes of most major sports at all levels.

However Cryotherapy is not without its pit falls! Subjecting a small chamber with Nitrogen gas (generated from liquid Nitrogen) can reduce or deplete Oxygen levels substantially within the tiny room. Sometimes so much that it can cause asphyxiation (Oxygen starvation).

A few deaths have been reported over the last few years in similar facilities.

Gasalarm Systems Oxygen Monitors and systems have a low total cost of ownership (TCO) as the servicing can be done by yourself! We can post you out the replacement part so you can conduct a swap-over yourself. Then just return the old part back to us.

The initial system should be installed by your own qualified electrician or we can arrange an installation as well. Please contact us on sales@gasalarm.com.au or 02 9838 7220.