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Methane is the main component of Liquefied Natural Gas that is mainly used as fuel to make light and heat. It is used in almost every industry including Petroleum refineries, Oil & Gas, Power plants, Coal mining as well as food industries. Methane gas is flammable and hence detecting Methane hazards in industrial process plants is crucial in alerting those nearby of dangerous levels of methane.


Methane is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas and is generally not considered toxic. However, it is extremely flammable even in low concentrations. It is also an asphyxiant as it will displace Oxygen. Particularly in confined working space, the methane needs to be kept beyond the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Upper Explosive Limit (UEL).


Fixed Methane gas detectors should be used for detecting Methane hazards in industrial process plants as not only it helps to minimise the risk of explosion, but also provides early warning should the methane levels become dangerous. Gas detectors are lifesaving equipment and appropriate measures should be taken to choose the correct methane Gas detection sensor. Apart from accuracy, installation and working conditions, area classifications and functional safety also plays a critical role in choosing the best gas sensor for a particular application.


GasAlarm presents gas sensor from PolyXeta II series for continuous monitoring of methane gas. It’s a microprocessor based gas sensor with 4-20mA/RS 485 output signal. It can be supplied with LCD display with green or red backlight. The PolyXeta II methane gas sensor comes with SIL 2 approval for safety related applications and carries an IECEx hazardous area certification. It can also be supplied with a flameproof enclosure.


Continuous monitoring can help in early detection of dangerous levels of methane  and prevent gas emissions in the atmosphere. Are you involved in designing methane gas detection and would like to know more on what we can offer? – Please click here.


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