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Detector Tubes offer a quick, reliable and a cost-effective means of detecting hazardous and toxic chemical agents helping professionals to quickly respond to terror attacks.


Terrorist use of toxic and hazardous chemical agents has been an alarming noted concern. Capable of mass destruction , such high-threat chemical agents fall into four major classes: nerve, blister, choking and blood agents. Depending on the type of agent used, they can cause a variety of deadly symptoms in their victims.


Detection of chemical agent is crucial for such attacks. Detection of chemical agents provides an early warning of a chemical attack, allowing additional time to react to a terror event. Detecting and identifying the chemical agent used in the attack also aids in providing  a better treatment and more effective response. Finally, determining when an area is clear of chemical agents after a terror attack requires sensitive post-event detection.


For years detector tubes have been a reliable and effective tool in response. Used for detecting a wide array of contaminants, detector tubes have helped emergency responders quickly assess hazardous conditions.


Detector tubes work by displaying a colour change whenever a target chemical is detected. There are special chemicals inside the tubes that come in the contact with the target chemical they are used to detect. This is by far the simplest means of detecting hazardous and toxic chemical agents.


Be Alert and Act Wisely.  Choose the appropriate detector tubes to suit your application.