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Our MSC2 (Multi sensor controller) raises the bar and now offers a perfect economical gas alarm system.


The reasonably priced MSC2 combines gas measurement, warning and controller for continuous monitoring of ambient air to detect toxic and combustible gases, refrigerants or oxygen. The integrated display with keypad and status LED allows easy menu navigation and provides access protection by PIN code.


The MSC2 can be equipped with two digital sensor heads, offers an additional input for an analog sensor and is equipped with three alarm relays (230 V / 5 A) and a warning module (power LED and buzzer). The optional gas selector allows fast configuration or adjustment of the two connected sensor heads (without additional tools) – incorrectly connected or interchanged sensor heads are immediately recognized as errors. This feature also enables the cost-effective stocking of the devices, since the configuration for a certain number of sensor types and measuring ranges can be carried out just before delivery.


It’s SIL 2 compliance according to IEC 61508 makes it an ideal choice for functional safety applications. The modular technology offers a convenient and comfortable calibration. Depending on various commercial or industrial applications, the system can be designed and configured for different I/O combinations.


To find out more on our Economical gas alarm system, please visit: Multi Sensor Controller