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Ethylene Gas Detection plays a major role in Fruit Ripening rooms.


Fruits are transported over a long distances within a country and sometimes are exported too. Fruits are transported before they are ripe so that they are in a good quality by the time they reach the distribution centres. Upon arrival at the distribution centres, they undergo a fruit ripening process so that they are ready for sale and consumption.


As the fruits ripen, they release Ethylene, a naturally occurring growth hormone. To speed up the ripening process the levels of exposure to the Ethylene gas needs to be controlled in a way that the fruit can be brought to the perfect level of ripeness for distribution. Depending on the distance of the distribution center from the stores, the supply of Ethylene is controlled so the fruit can be brought to a suitable ripeness. To meet demands, commercial fresh produce companies need to speed up the ripening. Typically the fresh produce is placed in air-tight ripening rooms and Ethylene is introduced at a desired concentrations .


To maintain the quality of fresh produce , the right concentration of Ethylene is critical. Because the levels of Ethylene need to be carefully controlled in artificial ripening centers, Ethylene gas detection is required to precisely determine the levels of gas.


Ethylene generators or high pressure gas cylinders are used to add Ethylene to the ripening rooms. If Ethylene is delivered into the rooms by pipes from cylinders, there are areas for potential leaks and the threat of explosion from cylinders. An Ethylene gas detection would be highly recommended to continuously monitor the Ethylene gas levels in the cylinder storage room.


If Ethylene gas is introduced via a network of pipes, there is also the potential for Ethylene to leak from one room into another. This could cause premature ripening of other produce in adjacent rooms. Monitoring the concentration levels of the Ethylene gas in each room will help ensure the correct amount is being delivered at all times.


As fruit ripens, it also releases Carbon Dioxide. This decreases the Oxygen level in the room and delays the effects of the Ethylene. Appropriate ventilation measures should be taken when CO2 levels build up. Continuous monitoring of the CO2 levels inside the room with a gas detector is needed-  that can be configured to activate the ventilation system at a predefined concentration. This would allow for more efficient control and optimization of the ripening process, a higher safety level and better production.


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