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Fluorine is a yellowish gas with a repulsing odour. Fluorine gas has many industrial as well as medical applications and Fluorine Gas Detection is quite critical at such facilities.

Fluorine gas is used as an organic and inorganic synthesis agent in chemical industries. It is also used in making nuclear weapons. Several fluorinated gases like Freon are widely used in refrigeration systems. Fluorine gas is also used as a combustion agent for rocket propulsion.

Fluorine has many uses,however it is classified as a toxic gas and depending upon the exposure may affect the tissues of eyes, nose or any other exposed mucous membranes. The health effects of Fluorine varies with its concentration – it could lead to severe irritation of eyes and skin to death in few minutes at higher concentrations.

Fluorine is also a combustion agent which means it reacts violently with many materials at room temperature and can cause inflammations or explosions.

Facilities where fluorine gas is used store fluorine gas in a ventilated area. Such areas must be equipped with a fluorine gas detection system to avoid any accidental human exposure to fluorine gas. Our Fluorine gas detector continuously monitors the concentrations of Fluorine and alerts the personnel in case of any accidental leaks and initiates corrective actions so that Fluorine gas is well maintained under an acceptable limit.

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