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Our Uniphos range of fumigation gas monitors are designed and developed taking into account the specific needs of the fumigators and their different applications. With a full range of detection devices for Phosphine, Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Fluoride and other fumigants, we are the one point source for fumigation monitoring devices.


Electronic fumigation gas monitors provide continuous read-out of gas concentrations with digital displays. Handheld monitors are designed to be carried for personal protection or leak detection. Portable instruments are designed to be placed on a bench-top for area monitoring using built-in sampling pump.


Owing to the superior features, ease of operation, better accuracy and superior functionality of their instruments, Gas Alarm systems has been recognized as a proven supplier of fumigation gas monitoring systems.


Phosphine Monitors:

  • Uniphos 350M Lo Gas Monitor
  • Uniphos Fumisense Pro with inbuilt pump

Methyl Bromide Monitors:

  • Uniphos 351 M Lo Gas Monitor
  • Uniphos Fumisense Pro with inbuilt pump

Sulfuryl Fluoride Monitors

  • Uniphos Fumispec – Lo
  • Uniphos Fumispec – Hi

Multi Gas Monitor:

  • Fumisense Dual Gas Monitor for PH3 and MBr

Automatic Gas Monitor:

  • FUMITRACK for Phosphine as well as Methyl Bromide


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