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Vehicle exhausts presents an interesting challenge when selecting gas detection for parking garages and tunnels.


CO and NO2 are the most abundant airborne contaminants present in the parking garages and tunnels. The operation of gasoline operated vehicles presents the most serious concern of carbon monoxide emission. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a form of asphyxiation. Carbon monoxide lowers the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and interferes with necessary gaseous exchange functions. • Human health effects can vary significantly based on overall state of health, sex, age and weight. The other major concern is the emission of NO2 from diesel engines. NO2 is an air pollutant that can have significant impacts on human health. By monitoring the concentration of these fumes and ventilating based on their concentration, a safe environment can be ensured.


Most building codes indicate that ventilation for parking structures should be continuous, 24/7, However, by ventilating only when sensors indicate a requirement, energy can be conserved both from reduced fan operation, and also from any related heating or cooling costs.


Several factors must be taken into consideration when determining the correct system, few listed below:

  • Size of the space to be monitored with the numbers of cars running and length of their operation
  • Emission rate of vehicle
  • Acceptable contaminant level within a given facility
  • Sensor placement
  • Number of zones
  • Output requirement
  • Types of fuels being used
  • Desired sequence of operation


Whether as a classic CO warning system or a gas warning system combined with NO2, our gas warning system protect human health in these areas. These sensors are manufactured according to the regulations for parking garages and to different directives offering advantages as:

  • More Safety
  • Exchangeable sensor X-change : significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Overall reduced costs
  • Integration to BMS (Bacnet, Modbus, LON)


For a permanently safe and convenient gas detection for parking garages and tunnels, please contact us.