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Gas Detection in Cannabis processing facilities – Why is is important?


A number of hazards exist during the extraction, processing & manufacturing of cannabis.

A lot of these gases are either toxic or combustible. Great care needs to be taken in the design of the ventilation system and the fixed gas detection to go with it.

The most common gases are:
• Ethanol
• Butane
• Propane
• Carbon Dioxide

Using our SIL1 certified gas detection system (sensors & controllers) we can provide you with an excellent & reliable gas detection system. We have gas sensors for all the above gases. Safe area (non-hazardous) or hazardous area (IECEX approved).

If your facility is a large one, we can also offer a daisy chain system which enables you to loop the sensors thus saving you on install & labour costs.

Please contact us on +61 (0) 2 9838 7220 or sales@gasalarm.com.au  and we can help you with any of your application related to gas detection in Cannabis processing facilities.