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Having an appropriate and functioning gas detection in pharmaceutical industry helps protecting employees from serious injury or even death. Here’s how:


Gases play an important part in the production process of many pharmaceuticals. Such processes are strictly regulated and are performed according to the industry standard. The gases used in such processes may be toxic, combustible or flammable in nature. During their operational use, there is always a possibility of accidental leakage into the surrounding area. Build-up of such gases could cause a hazard to the facility and the workers.


The requirement for occupational health, process and plant safety in pharmaceutical industry is enormous and needs solutions to count on.


We, at GasAlarm, can provide you with a solution offering highest safety standards.


Our gas detection system continuously monitors the hazardous gases and comprehensively provides the information to the operators to initiate necessary corrective actions. Depending upon the requirement we can offer a sensor with a remote controller or an integrated sensor with the controller. Various means of communications can be offered to effectively communicate the gas concentrations at a central location.


Quite Often sensors need to be mounted in hazardous locations with necessary certifications. Also certain critical process may require the loop be FUNCTIONAL SAFE. We can offer the sensors with the IECEx hazardous area certification and a safety approval up to SIL2


At GasAlarm, we produce perfectly coordinated sensors, controllers and warning devices that can be combined into monitoring and warning systems in many ways. Hence, it  ensures the best protection for people and the reliable surveillance of pharmaceutical industry.


Individually configurable and flexibly integrated solutions by Gas Alarm Systems  are employed worldwide. For further information, please visit our website at: Gas List and click on the gas that needs to be measured.