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Our Uniphos and Kwik-Draw Gas detection Tubes for NO and NO2 ensures the levels of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide stays within acceptable limits.


Nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are by-products of fuel combustion or are the remains whenever any fossil fuel is burnt. Most stationary emissions come from coal fired power plants. The majority of mobile emissions are attributed to cars, trucks and trains used to transport people, goods and chemicals.


Two primary industrial sources of NO and NO2 are the production of nitric and adipic acid. NO2 is an important intermediate in the chemical industry, an oxidizing agent, catalyst and an oxidizer in rocket fuels.


Other sources of nitrogen dioxide are petrol and metal refining, manufacturing industries and food processing.


At GasAlarm Systems, we are the only supplier in Australia that offers two lines of  detector tubes (with 5mm as well as 7mm thickness) for NO and NO2 – Gas detection tubes from Uniphos ( compatible with Gastec and Kitigawa pump and vice versa) and Kwik-Draw ( compatible with Draeger and MSA Pump and vice versa)


Gas Detection tubes for NO and NO2 are important measurement tools to help enhance the safety procedures in the industry.


For further information, please visit our website at: Gas Detection Tubes