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The news/incident as below emphasizes the need for Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry:


“A farm maintenance worker died after entering an 8,000- gallon polyethylene storage tank that was not marked to indicate a potential uncontrolled hazardous atmosphere” – This news was published by OSHA at FATAL FACTS.  The likely cause of this tragic accident was the employer failed to recognize that the tank was a confined space containing a hazard( At the time of the incident, the tank contained liquid whey, known to produce carbon dioxide resulting in a hazardous atmosphere leading to  asphyxiation of the worker.)


Confined Space refers to any place, including any vessel, tank, container, pit, bund, chamber, cellar or any other similar enclosed space. Often ignored, but there is always a risk associated when entering a confined space with a toxic atmosphere. To prevent incidents as above and ensure workers safety at all times confined space must be evaluated to determine if they contain any actual or potential hazards. This can be accomplished by an appropriate and simple detection approach with the user of gas detector tubes.


GasAlarm systems offers Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry that aids in measuring toxic gases, choosing from the largest selection of different measuring ranges and providing on-spot and accurate measurement of gases present in the confined space. Gas Detector tubes are simple to use and when the tools are simple to use the operations run smoothly with fewer incidents.


Gas Detector Tube technology that Gas Alarm System offers is just one small piece of that elaborate overall safety network, but we’re proud to play a part in helping achieve that goal and saving lives!


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