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The Gas Detector Tubes measurement principle is a worldwide and long used technique. However, we see that among a lot of people there still seem to be a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding about the benefits, in comparing to electronic detecting- and analysing equipment. Let’s take a look –why Gas Detector Tubes technology is still being used and is crucial?


What are Gas Detector Tubes?

Let us first analyse the basis of measuring technique to get a better understanding on gas detector tubes. A gas detector tube is a glass tube filled with a chemical reagent granulate, which discolours when it comes in contact with the target gas. To get an accurate reading, each tube has been calibrated on fixed samples of the target gas drawn through the tube with a 100ml manual pump, which allows a measuring scale to be printed on the tube. The further the discolouration of the reagent, the higher the gas concentration is. This makes the gas detector tubes system a non-electric-powered way of gas detection.


Benefits of Gas Detector Tubes:
  • Can be safely used in any hazardous or flammable area
  • Remains the most diverse means of detection in the world for the workplace at an affordable price
  • Detection of various gases available in extreme low as well as high ranges
  • On-spot  and precise measurements can be obtained in few minutes
  • No Calibration required
  • Portable, simple and extremely easy to use


How can we help?

We at Gas Alarm Systems are immensely proud of being the only supplier to offer  gas detector tubes with both the industry standards – thin 5 mm tubes and thick 7 mm tubes.


When measuring concentrations of specific compounds, nothing can beat the colorimetric tube for simplicity, flexibility and ease of use. The Uniphos air sampling pump ensures safe working and guarantees a reliable analysis. We can offer Uniphos tubes for most compounds, often in multiple measurement ranges. Most tubes have a shelf life up to two years.


The greatest advantage of Uniphos Tubes and pumps is – they are compatible with RAE/Sensidyne/Gastec and Kitigawa tubes and pumps.


Complementary to thin tubes, we also have 7 mm thick MSA KWIK Draw Tubes. These tubes extend the range of gases and measurable ranges available.  The MSA/KWIK DRAW tubes and pumps are compatible with Draeger tubes and pumps.


We have been stocking more than adequate quantity of the product in our Seven Hills, Sydney  Office with an objective to offer similar or better-turn around deliveries.


For further information on our Uniphos range of tubes, please visit our website at: Uniphos Gas Tubes and for MSA/KWIK Draw tubes, please visit : MSA/KWIK Draw Gas Tubes