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Several studies have shown that many schools, nurseries, offices and homes are inadequately ventilated. Even with the natural ventilation, the quality of the air can’t be assured. Mechanical ventilation systems often don’t give results as desired.


At places with bigger crowds such as schools, kindergartens, meeting rooms, sports halls, factories, and of course offices and homes – there is often a lack of sufficient fresh air due to poor ventilation. Ventilation is not only necessary to provide the necessary O2, but also to release the exhaled air, odors, moisture and pollutants like radon, a radioactive gas that is released from concrete, brick, cement, plaster and solvents released from paint, flooring, chipboard and cleaning substances, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are a collection of hydrocarbon compounds which evaporate easily.


Generally, the higher the CO2 concentration, the worse the air quality. The exposure limit is reached when the CO2 concentration is increased to 1,200 ppm. With CO this is 25ppm.


With a UNIPHOS™ ASP-21 Air Sampling Pump and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detector tubes, you can measure your air quality and ventilation, and identify the problem. The UNIPHOS™ Air Quality Measuring Kit allows you to ventilate and  create a healthy indoor climate!


To make sure your ventilation system is functioning well and the area around you is safe and healthy, we can offer you accurate, easy to use and maintain Gas detector tubes. Please e-mail us at : info@alvi.com.au or visit us at: Gas Detector tubes for further information.