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Gas Alarm Systems in association with MSR Germany, proudly presents Gas Detectors for Butane, C4H10.


Butane is a colorless, highly flammable gas that has been known to be used as an inhalant to cause dissociation and hallucinations. Dangerous administration can lead to death in severe circumstances.


At GasAlarm, we have a wide range of Gas Detectors for Butane to suit  your individual application and at the same time it adheres to critical safety standards for life and plant protection.


Our product range includes MSR microgard, Polygard, Polygard II and  PolyXeta 2 for hazardous zone 1, zone 2 areas. This Gas Detectors for Butane also has IECEx certification with SIL 2.


Butane is widely used in commercial as well as industrial applications. Few applications as listed below:

gas bank, bottling plant, booster station, gas store, pharmaceutical, cylinder store, gems processing, heat processing, furnace, engine room, testing rooms, automobile, defense, warship, annealing plant, chemical plants, oil & gas, fire safety, domestic gas pipeline, kitchen, refinery, food processing, cement, bearing, machine industry, swimming pool, combustion area, bakery, commercial, hotels, mines, confined space, gasifer, stockyard, oil wells, biogas plant, landfill, boiler plant, thermal power plants etc.


All products and systems are manufactured in Germany , hence quality and reliability are assured.


Please visit our website at gasalarm.com.au for further detailed information