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Battery Charging Rooms are a part of many businesses such as Data Centre, Telephone switching stations and warehouses where battery powered forklifts are used. Wherever the battery energy storage system is used, appropriate technology (H2 Gas Detection) must be used to comply to the safety regulation.

The lead-acid batteries when charged, generates Hydrogen gas. If a battery-back up installation is placed in a confined space with little or no ventilation, Hydrogen gas starts accumulating and creates a combustible atmosphere. Hydrogen gas is very easily ignited and can cause serious injury to personnel and severe equipment damage. Any business that has battery charging rooms must ensure the safety of the workers. Battery rooms must be designed to have a proper H2 Gas Detection system installed with appropriate displays and controls.

Gas Alarm System can offer a complete gas detection system that can monitor the Hydrogen gas and control the ventilation fans to remove the built-up of Hydrogen gas. We have range of sensor/transmitter with 4-20 mA analog output, stand alone single point gas controllers, multi channel and digital Modbus centralised gas control systems.

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