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The H2 gas Monitoring helps in preventing unplanned shutdowns and protects plants and personnel from a possible catastrophic explosion.


Hydrogen gas is widely used in various industrial applications and it is in fact considered as the energy carrier of the future. In addition to its use in welding or as fuel for rockets, the focus is currently mainly on the automotive sector. Fossil fuels are to be replaced by hydrogen combustion engines or fuel cells in the foreseeable future. The combustion of hydrogen  produces no exhaust gases, only water. H2 is a very reactive and a flammable gas, and hence continuous monitoring by H2 Gas Monitoring System throughout its life cycle is absolutely critical and essential. During research work, on test stands and during the production of the gas, leaks can occur at any time and cause catastrophic damage in the event of an ignition. Hydrogen Gas Monitoring  systems must also be installed during transport and at filling stations to protect people and equipment from this highly flammable gas. Our SIL2-certified PolyXeta®2 sensor with X-Change technology is ideal for Hydrogen gas monitoring.


BENEFITS at a Glance

  • SIL2-certified PolyXeta®2 sensor with IECEx certification
  • Easy connection to existing systems (analog, Modbus) with modular design for any adaptation of the system
  • Easy mounting by means of mounting bracket
  • Sensors are delivered calibrated and individually pre-configured on request
  • 2 potential-free relays, e.g. to control warning devices
  • Various options, such as relay, display, keyboard or housing variations


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