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Hydrogen Gas Detector – Technology is changing and so are we!

A city in Germany unveils a new hydrogen filling station. Hydrogen is considered to be unavoidable for a successful energy transition – As  much as the new technologies and innovations are important to us; the hazards associated with it needs to be identified and addressed.

Hydrogen gas has growing list of users in various industrial and commercial applications. However, it remains a fact that like all combustible products, hydrogen can be a threat to people and property.  Hydrogen gas is undetectable to the human senses and burns with an invisible flame. Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and thus safety measures are essential when working with hydrogen.

A detection system, which consists of a sensor and controller is a critical aspect for any hydrogen containing site. Detecting the presence of hydrogen, preventing and minimizing potential leaks when possible and ensuring proper ventilation safely manages many hazards associated with hydrogen.

Choosing the right Hydrogen gas detection system needs consideration on several factors. At Gas Alarm, we provide in-depth consultation  to help you choose the right product.

Our MC2-X-P3440-X-X is packed with several features to suit your process requirements.  The beauty of this microgard 2 system is a micro controller integrated into the Pellistor H2 sensor module. The Pellistor measurement principle with the integrated temperature compensation ensures highest accuracy, selectivity and reliability despite the long calibration interval. The micro controller calculates a linear 4-20 mA (or 2-10V) signal out of the measurement signal of the Pellistor sensor and also stores all relevant measured values and data of the sensor element. Calibration is a breeze with this modular design allowing easy swapping of the sensor unit or via the use of the integrated calibration routine directly at the system.

Please download the datasheet for further information. Alternatively, e-mail us to find out more.