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Our Hydrogen Gas sensors for Non-hazardous area (PolyGard®2 Hydrogen Sensor Cartridge SC2-X-P3440-X-X GasAlarm & μGard®2 Hydrogen Gas Transmitter MC2-X-P3440-X-X GasAlarm) are proving to be extremely popular all over Australia & South East Asia. They are used for battery room & UPS room applications.

When charging SLA batteries, hydrogen is produced as fume which is explosive.

The Hydrogen (H2) Gas sensors, SC2-X-P3440-X-X & MC2-X-P3440-X-X, are sensor elements at its core with many possible customization’s. The beauty of the system is a micro controller integrated into the Pellistor H2 sensor module. The Pellistor measurement principle with the integrated temperature compensation ensures highest accuracy, selectivity and reliability despite the long calibration interval. The micro controller calculates a linear 4-20 mA (or 2-10V) signal out of the measurement signal of the Pellistor sensor. It also stores all relevant measured values and data of the sensor element.

Calibration is a breeze with this modular design allowing easy swapping of the sensor unit or via the use of the integrated calibration routine directly at the system.

Rarely are battery rooms classified as an IECEX hazardous area so why install a hazardous area sensor!??

We have an extremely wide range of safe area sensors for combustible gases (Hydrogen, natural gas, LPG, Butane, Ammonia, Ethanol) just to name a few.

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