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For few it may be an old technology; however most of the industries still rely on Gas Detector Tube for measuring dangerous and toxic gases. Measuring with Gas Detection Tubes is still considered a reliable method as this method is fast and accurate. It is not independent of any laboratory testing, calibration and power. Overall, it is very simple, easy and cost-effective.


Any leak of toxic gas can pose a major risk for workers. gas detector tube can be used to identify the leaks or can be used to measure the hazardous gas in the sample. Industries, such as Oil & Gas, Refineries, Mining, Pulp & Paper, etc. use these tubes to identify any hazards in the work place. It can also be used by hazardous waste sites and agriculture industries for quick detection of harmful gas in the sample or soil. Security teams and intelligence squads also use gas detector tubes to find chemical attacks.  The gas detector tubes are indispensable for compressor air testing. To check the quality of breathing air for a breathing apparatus which is widely used by fire rescuers or scuba divers; gas detector tubes is widely accepted as the only proven option.


The Gas Detector Tube measures the toxic gas based on parts-per-million and billion and the percent by volume. The tubes are specially designed to get chemically sensitive in the presence of a certain gas.


Be Industry Safe with the use of  Gas Detection Tubes!!