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Most of the manufacturing industries  in the world, be it food & beverage production, mining or automotive, pharma industry, Oil & Gas, Refineries and Petroleum  industries  use processes that can produce dangerous levels of poisonous gases. Some gases are  easily recognized by  their pungent smell, but some are odourless and tasteless, making them particularly difficult to identify. All  around the world, a large number of people die every year as a result of inhaling toxic gases encountered in their various fields of operations and several explosions have occurred due to combustible gas leaks. Basically there are three hazard categories:


  • Combustible Gases: Dangers of explosion
  • Toxic Gases: Danger of poisoning
  • Oxygen: Danger of suffocation due to Oxygen deficiency or fire hazard due to Excess Oxygen


Wherever such hazardous gases are stored, bottled, processed or transported, safety is at risk.


The dangers posed by such toxic and combustible gases are very significant hence there is a  need for gas detection  to keep the work-place and the workers safe.


Without technical aids, human being usually does not have the ability to recognize these dangers at an early stage to order to take protective measures.


We, at GasAlarm Systems, have therefore taken up the task of detecting hazards from toxic or combustible gases and to protect people, plant and environment by means of appropriate measures. In addition, our products comply to legal standards offering the highest reliability even under harsh operating conditions. We provide innovative sensors and controllers ready to determine the life-threatening gas and display them immediately.


At GasAlarm Systems, we work with belt and braces to offer a safe solution with innovative & high-quality products.  Please e-mail us today for any of your gas detection needs.