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KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes) are known for its versatility to measure hundreds of gases and vapours in the workplace.


Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemical plants, Manufacturing plants, Mining sites, Hazardous material clean up sites, firefighting operations – These are few operational sites where various toxic gases and vapours pose a risk to the workers. Most of the time, the type of toxic gases present in the workplace is known and you just need a measurement indicating the actual concentration so that it can be managed well under the safety limits. The KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes (formerly MSA Gas detector Tubes) are pre-calibrated, take only a few minutes to complete sampling, and the concentration is read directly from the length of color stain.  However, some work places  the type of toxic gas present in the air is not known.  KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes) lends itself well to the diversity of gases and vapors found in such workplace scenario. There are hundreds of detector tubes that can quickly and precisely identify and measure the concentration of toxic gases and vapours. These gas tubes are usually used by occupational hygienists who are testing an atmosphere or the air around where people are working to try an identify exactly what a substance is. They will often go through a number of different gas detector tubes (with different scales) to identify a gas or vapour.


KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes) are undoubtedly capable of detecting more gases and vapors than any other on-the-spot field measurement method available, making them versatile and  applicable to virtually any industry. Occupational hygienist use them to check the ambient concentration of a toxic gas or vapor at a workplace, Process and fumigation industries use them to check the correct concentration of gas for a desired product yield, Defence team use them when cleaning up hazardous material sites, Research laboratories use them to check the environment of a clean room – and many more such applications where these tubes are widely used.


Gas Detector tubes are simple, fast, accurate and economical. For Further information, please visit our website at KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes.