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Four years after Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. acquired MSA’s (AUER) gas detection tube business, it continues to grow worldwide. The transition that began in January of 2014 is now complete, and inventory for the KwikDraw Uniphos tubes & pumps (compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) is available from our Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW office.


How it all started


In 2014, Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd. announced its acquisition of the colorimetric gas detector tube business from MSA AUER Germany, a subsidiary of MSA, based in the USA. The acquisition not only included the transfer of manufacturing equipment, plants and machineries, but also the technical know-how and literature of colorimetric gas detector tubes & pumps.


In addition to its own line of gas detector tubes (5 mm Uniphos tubes), Uniphos began producing KwikDraw 7 mm tubes (compatible to Draeger tubes) keeping the exact production protocol of MSA. Both types of tubes are manufactured in India and distributed world-wide – this makes Uniphos one of its kinds to manufacture and sell both the industrial standard tubes!


Benefits of KwikDraw gas detector tubes


The simple and precise KwikDraw tubes are designed for evaluation of the potential presence of ultra-toxic chemical substances in the air. They are a reliable and affordable method of spot testing for more than 200 hazardous gases and vapours!


The KwikDraw 7-mm diameter tubes are used with a Bellows hand pump. The KwikDraw tubes and pumps are compatible to Draeger tubes and pumps. The tubes are pre-calibrated; take only a few minutes to complete sampling, and the concentration is read directly from the length of color stain.


KwikDraw in Australia


In late 2014, Uniphos partnered with Gas Alarm Systems for sales and support of KwikDraw (Formerly MSA) Gas Detection Tube products (Tubes, Pumps and accessories) to customers in Australia.


We, at Gas Alarm systems, have so far received an overwhelming response for this unique product and service, resulting in continued growth. We are the only supplier in Australia that offers two lines of  detector tubes. We are grateful to our customers for returning and relying on us for the supply of gas detection tubes.


We will be stocking a more than adequate quantity of the product in our Seven Hills warehouse with an objective to offer similar or better turn-around deliveries for distribution.


For more information, please visit KwikDraw Tubes  and please Contact Us for any further assistance.