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Industrial Plant or a food retail store – managing refrigerant is crucial for environmental, regulatory and financial perspective.


Refrigerants are expensive and any leak of these refrigerants is highly toxic and often very harmful to the environment. Managing refrigerant by installing Refrigerant Leak Detection System within and around the facilities protects life and property while it also ensures processes up time. Operators are increasingly seeking dependable Leak Detection solution for managing such refrigerants.


GasAlarm Offers dependable Refrigerant Leak solutions for managing refrigerant  with PolyGard®2 sensors and controllers that is easy and simple to install and calibrate featuring advantages as below:

  • More safety
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Integration to BMS (Bacnet, modbus, LON)


The sensor detects generally used refrigerant gases. It gives a linear temperature compensated analog and a serial RS485 interface output. Depending on your process requirement analog current or voltage output can be selected.


These gas sensors are compatible to the PolyGard Gas Controller series as well as to any other electronic control or automation system.


For a typical large system, the controller manages several sensors via one or more bus lines. There is also a possibility to connect additional analogue transmitters to every bus knot and integrate them into the system. Bus extensions via repeater are possible at every point of the bus line.


External display panels and connection to a BMS system can also be incorporated and the alarm can be located centrally at the controller or at the transmitter I/O module.


Single gas monitoring systems measure leaking gas directly at the single point controller with an alarm. An external transmitter can additionally be connected and a remote display panel integrated if required.


Also, several single space monitoring systems can be connected to a master controller via bus line. There is also a possibility of central analysis, central alarm and a connection to a BMS system.


For further information, please visit our website at Gas-List and select the gas that needs to be managed.