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Carbon Dioxide is produced by human respiration. Elevated levels of CO2 may serve as an indication of insufficient intake of fresh air in a workplace. The inlet of fresh air brought into workplace is controlled by its ventilation system and measuring CO2 provides a feedback input for the ventilation system.


The risks associated with elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide are stale or stagnant air that causes lethargic response, sleepiness and the potential for infection transmission. The elevated levels of CO2 in a work place can reduce the productivity of an office worker.


CO2 levels are easy to measure and can be used to measure Indoor Air Quality. The HVAC control system of the workplace can use the measured CO2 values to control and maintain CO2 below a preset target concentrations.


GasAlarm Systems presents Carbon Dioxide Transmitter and detector Model: GAS-CO2-0XX-MA (ND/D) Series, that features real-time detection of CO2 level. With 3xanalog linear outputs it is also equipped with  Temperature and humidity detection ! It offers 3-color backlit LCD for indication & alarm and Modbus RS485 interface as an option.


Measuring CO2 controls  ventilation rates to provide a healthy environment for  office workers to perform at their very best. Please click here to download the complete datasheet.