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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is well established in food industry and hence modified atmosphere packaging analysis in food industry continues to gain importance.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) means the natural ambient air in the package is replaced by a gas mixture to preserve the quality of food for a longer period of time. Carbon Dioxide is one of the important gas used in MAP packages. The controlled carbon dioxide content within the package is closely related to the shelf life of product as it directly influences the quality and flavous of the product. Hence  Carbon Dioxide headspace analysis is necessary for quality control of the product. The MAP package hardly contains Oxygen and if the Oxygen level rises it may destroy the food nutrients and may cause the food turn toxic. Hence, both Carbon dioxide and Oxygen gas should be tested with high precision to extend the shelf life of packaged products.


Most of the headspace gas analysers can analyze Oxygen content, but not all of them can analyze Carbon Dioxide. GasAlarm presents dual analyzer that not only measures Oxygen content, but can also measure Carbon Dioxide. Our Dual Analyzer monitors the efficiency of modified atmosphere packaging and optimizes gas usage and saves cost. For headspace analysis, response time is critical. Our Uniphos Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Dual Analyzer  has a fast response sensor having excellent zero and span stability. It is a battery operated portable device with in-built sampling pump. The device can be calibrated with normal air and it is very easy to operate and maintain.


To extend the shelf life of packaged food, the importance of modified atmosphere packaging analysis cannot be ignored in food industry. Please  click here to find out more.