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Did you know the very early sign in coal handling/processing plant fire is liberation of CO gas radicals? By the time the fire/smoke is detected – it is too late to prevent the unwanted damage. Monitoring carbon monoxide aids in detecting the presence of CO radicals at a very early fire stage – preventing any damage.

Coal contains moisture, which when liberated, results in coal oxidization, generating both heat and carbon monoxide. This heat, when built up sufficiently has the potential of eventuating in spontaneous combustion and consequently coal fires. Coal is extremely friable and can be easily crumbled or pulverized. Furthermore, coal also generates coal dust which requires extra preventive measures like proper maintenance of stockpiles, guarding against accumulations of coal in the fuel-handling system, compaction of stockpiles, cleaning spills and washing float dust. The most effective program for fire prevention would be a carbon monoxide monitoring and control system.

Coal based power plants are facing growing need to increase productivity. Such power station used to equip temperature/smoke detectors for fire protection. However, by the time the smoke is detected, it is already too late. Power plant engineers should address the early fire detection issues by employing the latest technologies in monitoring carbon monoxide for very early fire detection and explosion prevention.

A typical Carbon Monoxide monitoring system can warn potential fire as early as two days in advance! Installing Carbon Monoxide monitoring system at coal based power stations can benefit in following ways:

  • Better Safety for plant and personnel
  • Prevention of loss of resources
  • Save time and money
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced down time
  • Save time and money

A typical CO system would consist of several CO sensors and transmitters. When CO concentration level rise beyond the set limit, the built in relay contacts will automatically generate an audio visual alarm to alert the plant supervisor to take corrective measures.

We can design the CO monitoring system tailored to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information.