CO2 is extremely hazardous as it is completely odourless and colourless and there is no physical indication of danger until it is usually too late.CO2 is a hazard throughout the brewing process, right through to packaging and bottling because as it is heavier than air, it collects at the bottom of containers and confined spaces such as tanks and cellars and can even spill out of fermenting tanks and sink to the brewery floor, where it forms deadly, invisible pockets. To avoid the hazards associated with CO2, Monitoring CO2 in Breweries is quite essential.


The majority of Carbon Dioxide gas in beverage industry is used during carbonating process.  It is also used in fermentation and refrigeration.


During the bottling process a high volume of Carbon Dioxide can be emitted into the plant room. Also during transport or storage of Carbon Dioxide, there is always a risk of unnoticed gas leakage. Exposure to elevated levels of CO2 can cause headaches, drowsiness or even sudden death. Hence facilities where there is a possibility of Carbon Dioxide reaching to the dangerous level, an accurate and reliable CO2 control system should be installed to maintain a healthy work-place.


Carbon Dioxide is also released during fermentation process. To achieve and maintain high operational safety the level of CO2 should be controlled in fermentation rooms by continuously monitoring CO2 Breweries fermentation rooms.


At GasAlarm we offer innovative sensors and controllers to identify and immediately display the life threatening CO2 gas. These products are based on years of experience and were compiled with a lot of know-how and tailored to individual customer application.


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