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Our Door Entry Module DEM-06 is specially designed for monitoring gas concentrations in laboratories or any such closed rooms.


Several experiments are conducted in a university, research or medical laboratories. Depending upon the applications there are many different gases that are used in various laboratories and hence they are equipped with gas storage cylinders and pipelines. These gases are often toxic, flammable or combustible and any leak from a gas cylinder or a pipeline can cause potential fatal incident. Any gas leak could be a potential threat to the safety of personnel working within the laboratory.


Our door entry module DEM-06 in combination with our DGC-06 makes your laboratory a safe place to work within. The module DEM-06 controls the access to closed laboratories, ensuring the safety of the employee working in the laboratory.


The DEM-06 can monitor the alarm situations of the DGC-06 systems via the RS-485 bus. Up to 128 relay information bits can be used via the field bus to control alarm displays and warning outputs. Configuration can be done via the password protected keypad to get level and project independent structure without specific programming knowledge.DEM-06 offers simple and fast commissioning due to pre-configuration with standard parameters.


Please e-mail us for any closed room gas monitoring applications.