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“The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice”  identifies the risks associated with grain storage. For effective quality grain storage, three factors need considerations: hygiene, aeration and correct fumigation. Phosphine is widely used as fumigant. Monitoring phosphine not only ensures effective fumigation, but also helps in identifying any leaks.


The “Australian Fumigation Standard” clearly recommends monitoring phosphine during fumigations for achieving the correct concentrations of fumigant and checking for any leaks.


Our field mountable UNIPHOS FUMITRACK Automatic Online Phosphine monitoring system continuously detects and monitors phosphine gas at mitigation locations. It’s inbuilt sampling ports with a good suction capacity allows to cover multiple silos from a single point! Apart from a standard 4-20mA analog signal, it gives a digital output signal that can be easily connected to a DCS or PLC for further analysis and actions.


Uniphos Fumitrack monitors phosphine in the range of 0-2000ppm & 0-20ppm.


Uniphos Fumitrack is also available for Methyl Bromide.


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