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Fumigation plays a key role in control and management of infestation. It’s a curative treatment which adds to the storage hygiene by keeping infestation free storage environment to comply with the regulatory requirement. It has proven to be versatile and a great reliance has been kept on it.


Sulfuryl fluoride is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to methyl bromide for fumigation in flour mills. Monitoring Sulfuryl fluoride is of vital importance to ensure fumigation is carried out effectively and also to ensure that the fumigation environment is safe for personal re-entry.


Monitoring sulfuryl fluoride can be accomplished by our Uniphos range of Fumigation products.


The Uniphos Fumispec-Hi is a fully automatic system specially designed for monitoring the gas concentrations in a fumigation enclosure or silo and can measure SO2F2 in the range of 4-160 g/m3. This device can be programmed to take samples from three different locations for analysis.


The Uniphos Fumispec-Lo is a battery operated portable instrument which can measure SO2F2 in the range of 0-100 ppm. This device is suitable for applications related to personal protection, safety and for leak detection when used with a sampling probe.


Both these devices are equipped with data logging facility and stores data with gas concentrations, date, time and silo number. The stored data can also be downloaded to a personal computer or to a printer.


For further information on our Fumigation range of products, please visit Fumigation Instruments – UNIPHOS