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Need an elegant no-fuss CO monitoring solution for a small car park?

Our MSR MGC2 controller is the perfect solution!

The Multi-Gas-Controller is designed for the connection of maximum analog three sensors with 4-20 mA signal, e.g. of the MC2 series. The controller monitors the measured values and activates the alarm relays if the set alarm thresholds for pre-alarm and main alert are exceeded. In addition, the values are provided for direct connection to a superior BMS via an RS-485 interface and also as 4-20 mA output.

The SIL 2 compliant self-monitoring function in the MGC2 activates the fault message in case of an internal error as well as in case of a fault at the 4-20 mA input / output current signals.

Our MSR MGC2 controller:
✔ Can handle upto 3x CO sensors for CO monitoring.
✔ Low & high relay outputs for VSD enable or two speed fans
✔ 4-20mA/2-10VDC output to ramp the fan(s) up/down
✔ Backlit color changing LCD & full keypad
✔ Integrated buzzer for alarm & fault
✔ IP65 enclosure ready to bolt on a plant-room wall
✔ 240VAC operating voltage
✔ Modbus RS485 HLI for remote monitoring on a BMS


More info here: https://lnkd.in/g52bPzB3

Contact us today at sales@gasalarm.com.au or 02 9838 7220.