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GasAlarm Systems, in association with MSR Electronic offer products that are manufactured and compiled with a lot of know-how and according to the individual customer requirements. Challenges in Gas Industries now has a demand for a long life sensors that lasts long and saves maintenance cost. It gives us immense pleasure to highlight our new long life gas sensors that reduces the maintenance cost considerably.


The life of a sensor depends on various factors such as the technology used, environmental conditions ,gas exposure, etc.  However, there is always an estimated life span for a gas sensor when operated under ideal conditions. Our PolyGard II series now offers gas sensor with a life of three years and as an option it can be supplied with a life span of five years!!!


Quite often the life of a gas sensor is overlooked against the initial price for gas sensors with 2 years life. However, if you think of amount and time needed to replace the sensor every 2 years, the cost factor becomes considerable.


So, next time when it comes to sensor selection, be wise – Apart from the advantages such as quality,availability, competitiveness as well as open mindedness to the customer’s individual demands; we can offer our gas senors with a longer life that reduces the ongoing cost.


Please e-mail us at : sales@gasalarm.com.au, for further information