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Let’s analyse what is a 3D printing in brief and how is Oxygen Depletion Sensor for 3D printing useful?


Demand for 3D printers is accelerating globally. Depending upon the source material, the process of 3D printing may vary. For metal printing, the 3D printing systems use metal powder bed fusion technology to build complex components directly from the CAD files. Such printers operate in an inert environment. As Argon is relatively an in-expensive gas, it is used to create an inert environment in 3D printers. Argon gas has its own several benefits and hence is widely used in 3D printing technology.


However, there are also few risks associated with Argon gas. Argon is known as an Oxygen displacer. This means that if Argon gas accidentally leaks into the atmosphere it displaces Oxygen. As Argon gas is tasteless, colourless and odourless it is impossible to detect it by only human senses. Any Argon gas leak can cause serious health problems such as dizziness, shortness of breath and confusion and in extreme case it may lead to asphyxiation of staff due to the lack of Oxygen in the environment.


How do we overcome this issue? Gas Alarm Systems has got a solution to it. Having several advantages of Argon gas, if you are using it for your 3D printer, it is highly recommended you use an Oxygen Depletion Sensor for 3D Printing environment. The Oxygen Depletion Sensor for 3D Printing can detect the oxygen level within the 3D printing environment and can be adjusted to trigger an alarm at an Oxygen level that suits your requirement.


The Gas Alarm’s Oxygen Depletion Sensor is packed with smart features and is easy to use. If you would like to know more on how an Oxygen Depletion Sensor can be used in a 3D printing environment, please e-mail us.