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Recently we installed Oxygen detection system along with display panel at an Eternal Multi-specialty Hospital in Jaipur, India.

There is no doubt – medical gas systems in hospitals are considered lifesaving. Medical gases have several patient care applications and is extensively used for research activities. Various pressurized pipelines are used to transport medical gases from a storage area to hospital areas such as operating theatres or patient care rooms.

Several inert gases such as nitrogen, helium etc are used as medical gases. If such inert gases leak it will build up in the confined spaces and will deplete the level of oxygen. Workers can become asphyxiated by exposure to atmospheres deficient of oxygen, that can lead to serious injury or loss of life.

To protect the staff in a medical facility; it is mandatory to install Oxygen monitoring system that can notify the staff when oxygen reaches a dangerous low level. The oxygen detection system is equipped with MC2 sensors that offers high accuracy with easy maintenance at a competitive price. Our MC2 sensors offers several advantages such as hardware & software according to SIL2(Safety Integrity Level) compliant development process, robust IP65 rated housing, ling life and many more. Please download the datasheet for in-depth information on the product.

We can design the gas detection system that meets your requirement. Please call us at +61 2 98387220 or e-mail us to discuss your needs.