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To enhance the performance of athletes, one of our customers has recently installed the Oxygen Monitoring System at a Cryo-chamber.

The Cryo-chamber is essentially a recovery space that helps players’ muscle tissues recover faster. Liquid nitrogen is used to give an athlete’s brain the sensation that his or her body is going to enter freezing conditions, thereby manipulating the brain to divert the blood in the peripheral parts of the body (hands and legs) to the vital organs. Here, the blood takes up more oxygen, and other vital nutrients. Once the athlete comes out of the chamber after a few minutes’ session, the body resumes normal functions, and the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood is circulated back to the peripheral organs, thereby healing the wounded muscle tissues faster, and in a more effective manner!

While this is one of the equipment used to aid a player’s recovery process, they also have to consider the presence of liquid nitrogen cylinders which mandates an attention to safety.

Liquid nitrogen is known for its cryogenic properties. It can quickly freeze things. Its exposure can damage skin and eye tissues. Apart from that, the main health risk is when liquid nitrogen leaks, it vapourizes into gas. Nitrogen expands in volume when it turns into gas, and depletes oxygen from the air. The gas has no colour or odour – so without the proper monitoring system the leak cannot be identified. If a nitrogen leak occurs, oxygen levels will fall below safe thresholds. This causes severe cognitive and respiratory problems, as well as death by asphyxiation.

Our customer has installed two Oxygen detectors in a chamber containing liquid nitrogen cylinders. They continuously measure the level of Oxygen. If nitrogen leaks, it would cause a decline in oxygen levels, eventually triggering an alarm and flashing light. The door entry module has been installed which monitors the chamber for dangerous gas concentrations.

Facilities dealing with Nitrogen cylinders must install Oxygen monitoring system to comply with safety regulations. The gas detection sensors from Gas Alarm Systems are reliable, precise and we offer them at a competitive price. Please visit our website to find out more on our gas detection products.