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Phosphine is widely used as a fumigant in grain storage. Phosphine is a highly toxic gas and to help fumigators prevent injuries from phosphine use, Uniphos proudly presents Phosphine Gas Monitor- 350M. It monitors the TLV level of phosphine around the fumigated area and also detects leaks from the fumigation chamber.


The threshold value for Phosphine is 0.3 ppm. Therefore there is an obvious need to detect the gas at low concentrations for safety reasons.  The Uniphos Phosphine Gas Monitor 350M not only detects phosphine in the low range of 0-20 ppm , it also offers a resolution of 0.01 ppm!


The Uniphos Phosphine Gas Monitor 350M is an accurate and easy to use hand held device. It comes with an advanced microprocessor based technology. This Phosphine Gas Monitor is  equipped with easy to read OLED display in PPM and also provides an audio and visual indication on alarm.


It  features auto data logging with a on board memory to store up to 3000 results. It can also be interfaced with a computer or a printer.


Please Click here to download the complete datasheet.