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Grain and other foodstuffs in storage have always been susceptible to attacks by pests. Toxic gas fumigation provides an effective solution to the problems of foodstuff storage and transportation. Phosphine is one of the most widely used fumigants in the world. For an effective Phosphine fumigation, it is important that the concentration and flow of phosphine are carefully monitored and controlled throughout the fumigation period as  too low a concentration can lead to pests  surviving the fumigation; too high a concentration can lead to a state in which they are resistant to phosphine gas. Hence, Phosphine measurement in Fumigation plays a vital role in fumigation process.


Phosphine is a toxic gas and when inhaled, it can react with the moisture in the lungs which can be very fatal. Inhalation of Phosphine may occur from:


  • Leakage from fumigated Silos
  • Leaks while transporting fumigants
  • Entering fumigated chamber during or immediately after Fumigation
  • Entering the Fumigated Chamber during


Phosphine measurement in Fumigation is therefore crucial to ensure the fumigation process is carried out effectively and worker’s safety is ensured.


GasAlarm Systems presents a range of products designed for detecting and measuring phosphine in fumigation. Please click here to view our complete range of Fumigation monitoring products.


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