Arsine Gas Detector Tubes

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Detection of Arsine (AsH3) gas in the air and laboratory  through the Arsine Gas Detector Tubes.

Our Arsine Gas Detector Tubes are best in quality and huge demanding tubes in the industries for the regular detection in laboratory .

Basic features of Arsine Gas Detector Tubes are as follows :

  • Measuring range : 0.05 ppm … 1 ppm arsine gas at n=10 (10 strokes) .
  • Chemical Reaction and color change :  White  to  Brown
  • Operating Temperature : 10 °C- 40 °C  .
  • Detector tubes are easy to use  and best technology  in low cost investment .
  • Vapors of many other organic substances will be indicated too but the sensitivity of indication is different.


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